ZigZag Education is an educational publishing company based in Bristol. In this position, I wrote Design and Technology teaching resources for GCSE and A-Level. These resources are used in schools nationally.

I developed original resources to help support and enthuse students of all abilities with their design theory and coursework projects.

I created resources that were a step away from the expected. I endeavoured to innovate using QR codes and I experimented with Augmented Reality in the hopes of further engaging students and making the information I presented have as much of an impact as possible.

Within this position, I worked to tight deadlines and often exceed expectations for the quality of my work. I also work within the limitations of copyright material and used Microsoft Word for all aspects of the resource, including illustrations.

I also expanded my position, taking on more responsibilities that compliment my skills. I took on in-house illustration work, developed marketing infographics and was responsible for the ZigZag DT social media presence.




During this position I developed a brief for a research pack to support GCSE coursework projects. I used my graphic design skills to elevate these resources from worksheets to clean looking, well structured, magazine-style resources. These resources were received well by both customers and upper management in the company. This was the first project where I managed other writers, edited their work and had almost unlimited control of content and design. I felt that it worked really well and I enjoyed the process.



Another resource I created is a topic on a page resource which is used for quick, visual revision, in this case for Polymers.

Within this resource, I designed the topics to fit together to create a full lifecycle to improve understanding of how the topics link together and to create a visual poster.


I produced all of the illustrations using word shapes. This shows that I can be resourceful and provide a good standard of work within, sometimes difficult, limitations.


When the company needed a design for a banner to be used at a science conference I came up with three graphic designs and a reusable option that could have the subject attached by velcro and be used at different events and conferences going forward.


I also developed infographics for social media marketing campaigns for other subjects. These infographics aimed to give teachers an overview of a topic as well as hints and tips on how to teach them successfully.


As the company expanded and started writing teaching material for a wider range of subjects I put myself forward for the design of the logos, as well as the redesign of some older logos for use on social media.


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